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About us.

Our objective is to provide you a one-stop-shop for smartwatch bands that's simple and has you covered no matter what your smartwatch brand, intended occasion, or preference in style.

We now offer 10 styles of band with almost each of them available across more than 200 different smartwatch models we support. This is thanks to our AlwaysAdapting range of connectors which help link our smartwatches to the styles we know and love. In black, silver, gold, and rose gold our connectors have even become fashion pieces adding to the aesthetic of your whole watch's look.

Follow our website to ensure you get the bands that fits your watch, your wrist, and your life.

A band for every...



We support over 200 models of smartwatch and counting thanks to our AlwaysAdapting connector range for some smartwatch models.


Get a band that matches your life. Whether it be for your morning run, at the office, for a night out, or all of the above - we have a band for you.


With  colours to choose from - there is something for everyone. Partnered with 4 colours of connectors (if your watch needs one) the combinations are endless.

Our products...


Ceramic Link

The best quality.
Classy business look.
Easy link removal.


Great value.
Classy business look.

Comes with link remover.


Trend setter.
Simple magnetic clasp.

Premium Luxe Link

Eye catching.
Link with resin accents.

Comes with link remover.


Boss-man's favourite.
Classy adventure look.

Short break-in time.


The active choice.
Colour options galore.
No annoying tuck loop.

Luxe Link

Light weight and fun.
Resin link band.

Comes with link remover.


The crowd favourite.
Simple magnetic clasp.
Optional widths.


Designed for medical.
Safety pin connection.
Watch off your wrist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? If you don't see your question here, let us know via our online chat.

What watches do you support?

We currently support more than 100 different watches (majority of which are smartwatches) across many brands you will find on our shop page. To find all watches we support click here.

What is a spring bar?

Link Bands come with a pair of spring bars to attach to your watch. These are loose items so extras may come in handy.

Do you offer click & collect?

No we do not. But instead we do offer free local delivery for those in the same postcode as our distribution centre, currently: 4870. This optional will become available at the cart page when you have entered your address.

When will my band arrive?

Please refer shipping timeframe upon the selection of your choice of shipping at cart.

What is a link remover?

Link Bands come with its full compliment of links attached. To remove these and fit smaller wrist sizes you will need a link remover.

What is your refund policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase or believe you have been sent a faulty product you can return it to us within 30 days of delivery and we will provide you your choice of either a replacement or full refund depending on product condition and availability.

I have a watch you do not support, will you?

We are constantly looking to expand and support more atches. If you have a watch you believe we should support, please contact us via our online chat.

I want a colour you do not sell, can you get it?

Please contact us via our line chat and let us know about your design and we can look into getting it made for you.

What is a connector?

Make your band work with a Apple, QuickFit or Fitbit, Samsung or Google stainless steel connector pair. Black, gold, silver and rose gold. Why not get them all?

How will I get my order?

We post domestically and internationally using Australia Post and provide tracking with each orders. Packaging will be padded for all link band variants.

What comes with my band?

Each band comes with a pair of spring bars either already attached to the band or separately (depending the on style). Orders over $45 will come with a complimentary Bandit  pouch for safe storage of your bands which you aren't using.

How Our Bands Work


To remove:

Slide spring bar lever sideways and remove band from watch holes.

To attach:

With spring bar lever held back, align band into holes and release to secure.

Still can't quite get it? Watch the instructional videos below.

How To Use Sports Straps
How To Use Stainless Steel Link Bands
How To Use Apple Adapters
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